Achieving Happiness in Singapore Youth Edition

Achieving Happiness In Singapore- Youth (AHIS-Y) was created in response to numerous requests by teachers and counselors after they read the book Achieving Happiness in Singapore (AHIS). The original AHIS was designed for the general public and teachers and school counselors felt youth could benefit from an edition tailored to adolescents. AHIS and AHIS-Y are based on the principles of positive psychology. Extensive research over the last 15 years have documented scientifically the elements of life and behaviours that lead to happiness and well-being. Many of the principles are also found in the world religions. Positive psychology adds the scientific perspective and the research evidence to support the thinking changes needed to cultivate happiness and well-being in a person’s life. .
How to Use this toolkit
AHIS-Y starts with a discussion on positive psychology and forms the knowledge backbone for teachers and counselors. The second part of AHIS-Y provides lessons plans, slides and student handouts. It is hoped that AHIS-Y can facilitate teachers and counselors to teach their students about how to achieve well-being using scientifically proven methods.
For Teachers and School Counselors
AHIS-Y may be used by teachers and counselors free of charge. The teaching materials can be reproduced free of charge without permission. It is requested that they credit the author and in the materials they use. The materials in this book is designed to be photocopied for class teaching.  
For Parents
Parents may also teach their children about positive psychology. Parents can substitute the teacher role as the parent role.

Download the book 

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Download the teaching slides

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