A handbook for caregivers on Anxiety

Anxiety disorder is a feeling of nervousness, apprehension, fear, or worry that may occur without a cause, or it may occur based on a real situation but may be out of proportion to what would normally be expected. Severe anxiety can have a serious impact on daily life.

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A handbook for caregivers on OCD

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) falls under one kind of anxiety disorder characterized by having obsessions and compulsions. If you have OCD, you probably know that your behavior is irrational but you cannot seem to control it.

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A handbook for caregivers on Depression

Depression is a feeling of intense sadness and loneliness over an extended period of time; this can also be accompanied by a sense of hopelessness and inadequacy. Sufferers of depression usually experience a lack of energy and have difficulty in maintaining an interest in life.

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