> Download:Happiness Toolkit

Extensive research in the last 20 years has uncovered the science to what makes us happy. In a concise toolkit, all the secrets to happiness will be presented to you in an 8 week programme. Download the toolkit here.

> AHIS-Chinese now available

幸福就是感觉良好、满足和喜悦。在过去的20年里,科研发现了什么令我们感到快乐,研究显示,幸福之道是可以教导和学习的。研究也显示,接纳本指南所教的技巧,只需8周就能奏效。 这指南中汇集经科学证明可以帮助人获得快乐的 方法和技巧。本人并非这些方法及技巧的原创人,本人只是把它们汇集成册与大家分享。本指南易懂、易学、易行,并附上所引用思想的出处,方便读者进一步学习。

> Artist Talk by Liz Atkin

Liz has spoken about her lived experience of Compulsive Skin Picking, artwork and recovery in many countries. Don't miss this opportunity to hear her story with us!